The Institute of Accounting and Commerce of SA requires all its Tax Practitioners to submit an annual
Affidavit / Declaration on/before their Membership/Designation renewal each year.

The IAC reserves the right to verify such information as provided by the Member as and when the Institute needs to do so.

The following declaration is required by Tax Practitioners of IAC that hold the following designations:
The Certified Tax Practitioner and the Associate Tax Practitioner

1. I hereby confirm that I have not been convicted of a criminal offence in
terms of Section 234 to 237 of the Tax Administration Act of 2011.

By selecting the option that you choose below this Affidavit / Declaration, I, as the deponent, acknowledge that the facts
contained herein and the declarations made fall within my personal knowledge and belief, are true and
correct, and I furthermore also understand the contents of this declaration.

Further to this I have no objection to taking this Oath and have nothing binding in my conscience in
attesting to this Oath

- If you do not have a criminal record and not insolvent, you must click “Yes I am Compliant” in the appropriate block below. (navy Blue)

- Or, if you are not compliant and cannot attest to this oath then click "No I am not compliant" in the appropriate block below. (navy Blue)

The IAC thanks you for your co -operation.

After selecting the appropriate oath, please continue logging into the IAC Website.



Commissioner of Oath (ex Officio)

PR Number: 0091442 (making spacing smaller)