Applying to become an Approved Training Centre (ATC)

Application to be an ATC
  1. Contact the IAC Membership department to or download the application form from our website.
  2. The application fee must be paid before the evaluation is conducted.
  3. The IAC will send out an assessor to assess your workplace.
  4. Once the applicant is successful an approved ATC certificate will be issued to the member.
  5. The ATC can then go ahead and employ learners on the learnership as communicated by the IAC.
Registration of the Student on learnership with the IAC 
  1. The application form must be completed by the learner to apply for Student on Learnership.
  2. The relevant subscription fees must be paid to IAC
  3. The Learner will receive a certificate on being a "Student on Learnership"

All enquiries to the above must be directed to either the acting Chief Executive Officer (Prakash Singh) on 021 761 6211.

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