Withholding Taxes


Foreign entertainers and sportspersons A final tax at the rate of 15% is imposed on gross amounts payable to non-residents for activities exercised by them in South Africa as entertainers or sportspersons. Disposal of immovable property A provisional tax is withheld on behalf of non-resident sellers of immovable property in South Africa, to be set [...]

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IAC CPD Requirements


Annexure CONTINUED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CPD) IAC requirements from 1 January 2016   The Institute has made “CPD” compulsory for all members as from 1 April 2006. “CPD” is a requirement laid down by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and its affiliates i.e. PAFA and all statutory bodies in South Africa such as (SARS, SAQA, [...]

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